October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday - October 10, 2012

This week, I'm working on a hat by one of my favourite hat designers ever, Woolly Wormhead. I've been in love with her designs since I learned how to knit and have knit many over the past few years.

But Woolly is in a bit of a pickle. The artist commune where she lives part of the year is under threat, so to help raise money for lawyer fees and other administrative fees, she is donating all the proceeds from the digital sales of these three patterns to the communal pot.  The patterns are Tangled River1, Lenina2, and Retro Beanie3.

I myself purchased Tangled River and Lenina, and am thinking about getting Retro Beanie as well, I just haven't decided on that one yet. While I think it over, I'm working on Tangled River.

I'm knitting it with some Light Brown Hare March Hare in the colourway Poison Apple #1 that I've had in my stash so long that I can't remember what project I had in mind when I bought it. I love how deep and rich the red is.

Happy Wednesday, darlings!

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find it on Ravelry here

2 find it on Ravelry here

3 find it on ravelry here


  1. You are so awesome! I've just started the Tangled River. Hopefully I'll get some progress today.

    1. I'm about half way done at this point, and am hoping to finish it ASAP (ie. tonight) as I have a hat I need to finish for the shop and it requires this needle

    2. Also, I can't wait to see yours finished!