October 12, 2012

I ♥ Gingham

Mr. Social and I recently travelled to Portugal and I gotta say, Portugal is totally amazeballs! I loved absolutely everything about it! The people, the scenery, everything! It may just be my new favourite place in the world.

Seriously, how great is this view?
While there, I wore a few me-made garments and *gasp* I actually got some pics of them! (We all know how bad I am at that)

On our first day in Portugal, the weather was perfect, and much warmer than the fall chill we had left behind in Toronto, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear my gingham top.

Mr. Social and I...and my gingham top
I have a couple confessions to make.

I actually made this top (McCall's M5664) last year, but it originally had sleeves and I hated them! So, it sat in the closet unloved and lonely for a year until I decided to rip them off and make it sleeveless.

Also? I love gingham! I have tons of it in my stash. And no real plans for most of it. But I often pull it out and pet it :)

Vasco Da Gama approves of this top
This top is perfect for summer weather. It's light and airy, and one of the few times I think that quilting cotton was a good choice (I've had some hits and misses with quilting cotton for dresses, more on that later). And, about quilting cotton, am I the only one who can't resist it? The prints are so darn cute!

Anyway, this top has had it's last hurrah for the season, and is nestled in the closet for the winter.

Fashion on the Ration Stats!!

Coupons Used: 30 - Coupons Remaining: 36

Projects Completed:
Red Gingham Shirt - 0 coupons
Old Timey Tractor Dress - to be posted soon - 0 coupons
Molly Weasley Dress - to be posted as soon as I get some pics - fabric used from purchase listed below
Leopard Print Top - to be posted as soon as I get some pics - 0 coupons

Items Purchased:
Black and Grey Striped Sweater - 5 Coupons
6.5 metres of cotton fabric - 13 Coupons
Brown Boots - 7 Coupons
Sweater with funky spiky collar - 5 Coupons

Awesome Score:
Brand new Docs given to me by a friend - 0 Coupons

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  1. Great top!Perfect for Portugal. Mr Social eh? Soooo cute.