May 30, 2013

Sewing has been happening...

...I promise! Dresses have been made (and worn)! The camera just hasn't been around. I will try to remedy this soon! In the meantime...

I've also been spinning! And knitting, but the knit stuff is for a secret swap so it's in hiding for the time being. But check out this yarn:
I was feeling fancy and decided to spin up this Hilltop Cloud fibre. It's a Shetland/Merino/Bamboo blend and the colours just SCREAM Mr. Social. But rather than just spin up a plain old 2-ply yarn, I decided to spin it thick and thin and add in some beehives, you know, just to funk it up a bit.

Part of it looks simple and lets the colour speak for itself, but other parts are just all kinds of fun.
I thought that this would look really fun as a section of a big warm scarf for Mr. Social for the winter, and that the texture of the yarn would add a point of interest to an otherwise simple garter stitch scarf.

 Grand plans, and not much time right now. But as soon as the wedding madness is all over (44 mo days!) I'll have lots of time to relax and get back to ADD crafting.