October 23, 2012

My current obsession...

...is capes. And to be honest, I have no idea where this came from as even just a few weeks ago I thought they were tacky and impossible to pull off. But now I find myself lusting after them!

I imagine that they probably aren't the warmest option when it comes to cold weather outerwear (I probably wouldn't wear one in the winter), they also probably aren't the easiest thing to wear, but they are seriously cute, and that's what matters, right?

LOVE the zipper on this one!
So, thinking ahead to spring (unless I can settle on one soon) I think I need to make one of these. However, an initial pattern search with the "Big 4" comes up a little flat.

Seriously Vogue? Seriously?
There were a few that I found that were almost what I can see in my head, but I think I'm going to go searching some of the indie designers to see what I can find before I go with something almost right and tweak it.

Simplicity 2285 is close, but it needs a GIANT hood
What do you think of capes as outerwear? Impractical or awesome?


  1. Very cool! As long as the wind isn't ferocious they are quite nice to wear and are warmer (in my opinion) than a coat. It's like wearing a warm blanket, only better.

    Definitely need the hand-slits for driving and many other things. Inner pockets are much better than outer ones for holding stuff. Outer ones are okay for hands. I prefer mine to reach the upper thigh, but not too much longer than that.

    Also, if you can line one with heavy flannel or fleece it will be even better. :-)

  2. I love capes, I haven't seen one i liked enough to buy but I do have a cape pattern ( mcalls 5913) which I will make up at some point. I think a cape would be super comfy for driving in

  3. I can suggest some great patterns! I make a bunch of capes. :)

  4. I like the Simplicity cape. You're right, it does need a hood. I'd rock a cape in the winter!

  5. That Vogue "cape" is terrible. I don't even think you can call it that. It is more like some sort of bondage coat. I think a cape done right can be very nice to have. It is just hard to find the right look and have it fit your lifestyle. Chasing down my kids just isn't really going to work out in a cape that doesn't allow me a good range of motion. So, while I find them cute and fun, they just aren't practical for me right now. Maybe one day...

  6. I have several vintage capes and I LOVE them - my fave is my 1960s faux leopard fur with a massive hood! You might also like to investigate my NZ sistah from another mistah, Helga Von Trollop, who is the queen of capes!

    I agree - that Vogue one is hideous beyond belief and the other one definitely needs a hood. Can't wait to see what you create!

    Sarah xxx

  7. I've been thinking about cape too recently! I love the one with the zipper!