October 9, 2012

Vacation Nails!

For my trip to Portugal, which was totally faboosh btw, I wanted to have fun and pretty nails, but they needed to last as I'd have no time or supplies to give myself touch ups or a new manicure. I ended up using Gorramit from Nerd Lacquer for the base, as I already knew that it's a long lasting colour. But I wanted a little extra, because, you know, bright yellow with red glitter just isn't flashy enough. So what did I do? I grabbed one of my new polishes from Rock Star Nails and went to town.

I used With Love which is just a clear coat with black, red and white heart shaped glitter through out. I layered that stuff on and voila! Cute, long lasting nails. There wasn't any sign of wear and tear on my nails until the last day of my trip, and since I went with a lighter colour, it wasn't at all noticeable. Success!!

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