April 2, 2012

Plans for April and Weekly Update

I think I may be back in the groove again. I've managed to finish a bunch of stuff and am inspired to work on so much more! Here's a couple of the yarns I spun up recently. All my knitting still needs to be blocked, so no pics yet.

Plans for April:
1) Finish Diamond Gansey socks for Mr. Social (that's right, still not finished)
2) Sew a bunch of bags
3) Make the skully dress
4) Pick another pair of socks to knit for Mr. Social
5) Make shorts for Mr. Social
6) Spin a bunch of things
7) PROJECT ANDI - Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. YOU CAN DO THIS!

That list seems simple enough. Let's see if I can get through it and not get sidetracked by SHINY NEW PROJECTS!

Here's a super fun music video for your amusement

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