March 30, 2012

Nerdy Nail Polish!

OMB I'm so FREAKING HAPPY I Managed to score some nail polish in Nerd Lacquer's last update. In total, I got 6 different colours. Today, I used "I Think You Call Me...Sexy". I'M IN LOVE

I don't know if nail polish falls under the coupons of Fashion on the Ration (I should check on that). If it does, I guess it's a good thing I ordered these before I started!

I'll show off the other 5 colours as I use them :)


  1. I never got to the shop in time! Once, I added a polish to my cart and went back to get another and the CLOSED THE SHOP- in a span of like 5 minutes! So I bought some $2 TARDIS blue sparkle polish instead and I'll just sit here and be jealous of you and your awesome glitter. Love ya!

  2. Love this colour. Maybe I should try harder to stop biting....
    My secret shame out for the whole blogosphere now..

  3. AH! I love this nail polish!! So fun!