March 26, 2012

Why are people such jerks?

Yesterday was supposed to be just another Sunday, full of plans to enjoy my "lazy Sunday" and do a bunch of sewing (which I was really looking forward to). Except, I woke to find that some asshat decided they really wanted my gym bag and smashed the window of my car to get it.

Apparently, my gym bag wasn't worth it after all. I guess they opened it up to find a pair of runners, pants and a t-shirt, and decided none of these things were of value, and tossed my bag about 30 feet away. At least I got it back, I guess. Except now I'm out a few hundred dollars to get the window fixed. Thanks, jerks, I appreciate you liberating me of the money.

So, yesterday's urge to sew was killed and I spent the day squishing this instead, as the colour helped to cheer me up.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about your car, what a crappy thing to have happen to you :( Hope you get to do some enjoyable sewing soon!