April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday - April 25, 2012

My intention for this week was to give you all a sneak peak of what's on my sewing table. But me being forgetful, I forgot to take a pic last night. So instead, I give you an almost sock.

This socks is either 3 or 8 rows from being finished. I haven't quite decided how wide I want the ribbing section to be yet, and I figure I'll go with my gut once I get there.

These are destined to be socks for Mr. Social. He will be getting at least 12 pairs of knit socks from me this year, and this is pair #2. You'll notice that the colours used for him are very different than the colours I would use for socks for myself. He likes more earthy colours, while I go for the super insane, bright, and crazy colours for socks. Although, from time to time I do knit him socks that take him out of his comfort zone.

I should get knitting, I'm already behind pace by 2 pairs to be on track for 12 pairs of socks for the year... Wish me luck!

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  1. I am Mr Social, and I approve this blog post.
    -Mr Social

  2. That is one good looking sock! can't wait to see the other 10 pairs x

  3. Love that sock! Mr Social is a very lucky man.