April 6, 2012

FO Friday - April 6, 2012

This week wasn't as productive as I'd like, mainly due to the fact that Trudy (my sewing machine) was giving me some attitude for a couple days. But she and I have ironed out our differences and she's working just as she should now.

First up, fresh off the wheel is a yarn I spun for a super secret swap partner. The fibre goddess over at Nerd Girl Yarns dreamed up the colourway "Toads Die" based on the series Grimm, and I just couldn't resist the brightness of it!

Photo borrowed from Nerd Girl Yarns

I spun this as "Art Yarn Lite", as the people involved in the swap seem to be wary of art yarns, having never used them before. This was spun thick and thin (mostly with the thick parts in the red, but I did add some in the green as well) and plied up to get super fat chunks throughout the yarn. I'll have to think of a pattern to send along with the yarn, so my swapette gets an idea of what to do with it. I hope she likes it!

On the sewing front, I finished up one of the bags I was working on, and it's now on its way to Australia. I'm really excited that something I made will be used and worn there, I haven't even had the chance to travel Down Under myself yet! I didn't take a lot of pics before I packed it up, but I did get these:

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh nice yarn. So you think someone will actually knit it into something and not just sit it on a table somewhere arranged like in the pic to look at and pet?
    And love the bag!
    Oh and trudy? LOL just typo'd the name. Have fixed it now but see if you can work it out. I think that maybe what she was being called when she had attitude! :P

  2. Love your bag! And the yarn of course!