November 1, 2012

From one holiday to another

Hallowe'en has come and gone, and I'm a little bummed. Why, you ask? Well, Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday of the year. It's made of awesome. Costumes? Check. Candy? Check. Reason for a party? Check. Adult beverage of your choice? Check. Check. Check. But this year I had to be sick and miss the whole thing. I was too sick to make my costume (sadface) and too sick to go anywhere to see other people's costumes (double sadface).

Since I don't want to leave you all without something costume-y made by me, here's one of my faves from a few years back:

Now that Hallowe'en is over, it's time to look ahead to the next big holiday. No, Americans, not Thanksgiving, the real one already happened :P. I'm talking about Festivus.

It has become tradition that every year Mr. Social and I host a Festivus party where we invite our nearest and dearest over for food, drink, appropriate holiday inspired horror movies, and to keep things festive, Ugly Sweaters1.

Being who I am, and putting near impossible deadlines on things, I like to kit my own ugly sweaters. This was the one from 2 years ago:

Less "ugly" and more "festively inappropriate"
This year I'd like to knit myself a new one. I've found a bunch of patterns that I'm not sure I can bring myself to knit:

Christmas Cardigan Sweater or Vest by Susan Chastain
Christmas Pullover also by Susan Chastain (she sure loves Christmas)
And a personal favourite:

12 Days of Christmas (S. W. A. K.) by Keely Stuever
As for what I'm actually considering, I've narrowed it down to two patterns:

The aptly named Jumper with raglan sleeves and reindeer pattern on yoke by DROPS design, or the less ugly and more charming Majestic Moose by Andi Satterlund. I feel like the reindeer yoke one is more appropriate for the ugly sweater party, however I'd probably get a lot more use out of the majestic moose one on account of it being kind of cute.

What do you think? Which should I make?

1 White people like Ugly Sweater parties dontchaknow


  1. Majestic moose, I love all of Andi Satterlunds patterns!

  2. Majestic Moose gets my vote.

  3. I vote for the Majestic Moose too. He is adorable.

  4. Ooh, maybe you could knit a bobble nose for the Majestic Moose?!