July 10, 2012

Tour de Fleece: Week One Roundup

June 30 marked the first day of the Tour de Fleece, an annual spin-along during the Tour de France. They spin, we spin, it's a real spinning themed spin-along.

While I haven't watched any of the race (we don't have cable), I have done a fair bit of spinning for it. Here's the yarn I have completed so far:

This yarn was on the bobbins and needed to be cleared before the race began

I started this the day before TdF began, but finished it up during TdF
Then I moved on to a British Massam Wool, Merino, Alpaca, Tussah Silk, and sparkle blend
Some Doctor Who themed BFL was next
And finally, some of the softest merino ever!!
I have another one that is currently drying and awaiting it's photo shoot, but it will have to wait for it's debut next week.


  1. Goodness Gracious, Woman! It's all so beautiful...makes me wish I still had my wheel but it hurt my back so bad. I should just break down & buy a new drop spindle. Super inspiring!

  2. That was awful grammar.