July 31, 2012

Fashion on the Ration: What to make?

So, while I still haven't had an opportunity to get pics of the dress and top I've made (bad Andi!), I did get all antsy and hit up a fabric sale. I know I've been trying to stick to stash only, but 50%-75% off was too tempting to resist.

So, what did I get you ask? Well, I exercised some self control and only picked up two pieces of fabric.

The first was a total impulse buy. I have no immediate plans for it, but do have an idea of what I'd like to make with it (probably a blouse of some sort). I got it for $3/m!!!! (Originally $10/m)

It would be super cute with some sort of red accent...
And the second is this cotton fabric, which I couldn't decide if it was granny or cute. It certainly was an excellent deal though. $3/m, originally $17/m!

I want to make a dress out of this, but am unsure of which dress to make. I have a couple patterns on hand that this might work for:

What do you think? McCalls M6554 or M6600? Or do you have an alternate suggestion?

While this gets figured out, I'll keep working on a dress that I've already started (teaser to be posted tomorrow)

Fashion on the Ration Stats!!

Coupons Used: 18 - Coupons Remaining: 48

Projects Completed:
Old Timey Tractor Dress - to be posted as soon as I get some pics - 0 coupons
Red Gingham Shirt - to be posted as soon as I get some pics - 0 coupons

Items Purchased:
Black and Grey Striped Sweater - 5 Coupons
6.5 metres of cotton fabric - 13 Coupons

Awesome Score:
Brand new Docs given to me by a friend - 0 Coupons

1 comment:

  1. I like M6554 most. I feel that it has more flexibility in how you can wear it (cardigan, shawl, chunky necklace, delicate jewelry, big hat, cheery headband, etc.), but I should tell you that I never cared for shirtdresses, though. :-)