May 8, 2012

Having helpers doesn't mean things go faster...

In fact, my helpers tend to slow everything down! But I can never stay mad at them for long.

Spicy likes to help hold my fabric in place...with his body

He can often be found laying across as much of the fabric as possible, or trying to burrow underneath it. he also swats at the scissors as they cut, which could be very dangerous for his wee paws!

Then, there's Penny. She thinks she can help by doing the actual sewing. She doesn't' realize she can't reach the pedal to "make it go" or reach up high enough to guide the fabric through the machines...

When you try to shoo her off the chair, she bites

 Last, but not least, is June. She always has to sit on  the pins.... 'Nuff said

This was the one and only time she was smart enough to sit behind the pins...

Needless to say, I had my hands full while trying to get my sew on this weekend. I managed to almost finish a top I've been itching to make for a while. I'm a little disappointed in how it's working out, but there will be more on that in an upcoming post. I also cut out 2 dresses, worked on the bodice for each, and whipped up a bag. I may or may not have squeezed some knitting into the mix as well.

The Zombie Horde is coming!

These will eventually be parts of 2 dresses

With all this mad sewing going on, you'd think I don't have a life (half the time, I don't think I do). But I still managed a date with Mr. Social (we saw Cabin in the Woods....totally awesome! Check out the trailer below then immediately go to your local theatre to see it!), and drinks with friends. We even did a bit of bar hopping! Oh, and I did some cooking and cleaning, but that's the boring stuff nobody really cares about.

Watch for some finished garments soon!

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