August 21, 2013

Well, this sucks

See that? That's a huge ass cast for a wee fracture in my foot. The foot I use to operate my sewing machines... Ugh. So for the next couple weeks (until I am able to stand enough to cut fabric....and learn to use my left foot on the pedal) I am relegated to only knitting.... at least I can still create, right?
In the meantime I do have a couple of dresses photographed, so watch this space for a sewing post soon!


  1. Junebug says it's OK, you can just pet her until you're better. She's sure that will make you feel better.

  2. Urgh bad luck! look on this as a knitting break (pun intended!) I highly recommend you buy the Interweave Harry Potter Knits Mag and knit all the things.

  3. So sorry that you are injured. I hope you heal very quickly!