August 31, 2013

Elvis and The Polka Dots

Sometimes it seems that I never a chance to get pictures of some of my finished garments, and these 2 dresses are a great example of that. I made these both way back in May and wear the shit out of them, yet I keep forgetting to get proper pics. So apologies for the crappy "quick I need a picture of my dress" pics....but I guess a crappy picture is better than no picture, right?

Anyhoo, the first dress is my Elvis dress, and I love it to bits. I've been hoarding this spectacular Elvis print cotton for a couple years now just waiting for the right dress to come along.
Little did I know, I had the pattern staring me in the face right at home! I've had New Look 6557 forever and ever, and randomly pulled it out of hiding and had a eureka moment. Thus my Elvis dress was born!
When cutting the fabric, I wasn't really paying attention, so I didn't even think to line up the print, but I accidentally almost did at the waist seam anyway. Sweet!

I was so happy with this dress that I decided to make a second one. I used a lovely stretch cotton polka dot fabric for the second version. I also added a little more coverage to the neckline (just a wee little bit as my bra poked out in the Elvis version) and a little more flare to the skirt and ended up with this lovely creation:
Again, in hindsight, I should have made some effort to line up the print at the waist seam, but other than that, I'm super happy with both dresses, which is evidenced by how often I wear them. Love, love, love this pattern! I'll probably end up with a few more of these in my closet :) And hopefully, I will also end up getting some proper pictures of them to show off more detail than random quick shots while waiting in the monorail station in Vegas (just as an example).



  1. That Elvis dress is 100% awesome

  2. Love them both! I need to learn how to do a little dressmaking...I have lovely fabric which is languishing sadly, awaiting transformation into something fabulous!

  3. Love both of your dresses, Andi! I love making the same pattern more than once- start to feel an ownership of sorts ;)