July 23, 2013

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

Except that I got married y'all!!!!!
While I didn't make my own wedding dress (I got talked out of it by my Mother, and the RTWfaster folks approved of the decision not to make it if I chose not to), I still loved my dress very much. I took it as an opportunity to finally get a dress by local designer, Pam Chorley. I've loved her stuff forever and ever! A whole crew of us descended upon Las Vegas and much fun was had.
That's my awesome yellow dress!
While I didn't make my wedding dress, I did make the dress I wore later that night (I didn't want to spill on/rip/ruin my wedding dress before the reception back home). Also, a shorter, cotton dress was much more temperature appropriate (although it was still way too damn hot for my taste).
This was my final (for now) version of McCalls M6646, although you'll see a few more of them in upcoming posts. I've made this pattern what feels like 847 times now, and am pretty sure I am producing more of them in my sleep. I love that it can be dressed up or down depending on fabric and embellishment choice. For this dress, I went a little more casual using a quilting cotton that someone gifted me forever ago. It's red and black gingham, and I had been holding on to it for something special, and I think wedding night dress certainly fits that description.

And look, it's awesome for twirling!
Mr. Social even wore his awesome plaid shorts that night so he could be part of the me-made fun.
They look great with his Giant Pompadour
Good thing too as it was hotter than Hell when we visited the Neon Graveyard. Gross!
Until soon!


  1. Congratulations :) you look amazing in both dresses x

  2. Congratulations Andi! I wish you and your husband a life-time of happiness and joy!

  3. Congratulations! Two very happy looking people!!! Love the red dress! Perfect for celebrating.

  4. Both dresses are gorgeous! Congratulations!