July 2, 2013

Always a bridesmaid....

...except in less than 2 weeks, I'll be the bride!

In the meantime, I also had the honour of standing up for some dear friends of mine on their most special of days. When I asked the lovely bride if I could make my dress she was all for it! RTWfast FTW! She wanted us girls to wear a simple strapless LBD, so I went to my current go-to pattern McCall's M6646. (You'll see why it's my current go-to pattern very, very soon....just need to get a few more pics taken).
The only problem I have with this dress is....I made it 2 weeks ago and it fit like a glove, when I wore it
this past weekend it was too big! Now I know this isn't the patterns fault, methinks it was just a quick weight drop on account of wedding stress.  
Circle skirt = TWIRLING!!!
This dress was also the first time I've ever used boning in a dress, which was WAY EASIER than I expected it to be. But since it was too big the boning didn't help support the dress much....let's not talk about my near-nip-slip mmmmmmmkay?

More pics? Why not!
Me, the Groom, and the lovely Ms. C
The wedding party - photo by Lor/Madness Inspiring Images (check her out, she's amazeballs!!!)
Mr. Social and I

That time I found the Bride's tiara sitting on a table unattended...
And a super fun group shot, also by Lor/Madness Inspiring Images

The next 2 weeks shall be a terrifying whirlwind of last minute wedding stuff, but I also have 2 more dresses to make before we head off to LVNV!

Until soon....xoxoxo


  1. Exciting! I'm impressed that you're still finding the time for blogging with your wedding less than two weeks away!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your dress!

  2. You look fabulous! Great go to dress. I cannot wait until it is YOUR wedding pics & posts!!! xoxo