February 13, 2012

My New Addiction?

Crafty things I'm addicted to include knitting socks (full grown human and mini-sized), spinning, sewing anything, and now....baby sweaters?

Seriously, baby sweaters are so cute due to their tiny size and of course, fast to knit. I've only ever finished a full grown sweater in a week once, but the last 2 baby sweaters both took about a week each.

This week, I finished this one:

It's so cute!

I've also been working on my spinning, specifically core-spinning. This time around, it wasn't nearly as twisty as my last corespun yarn.

I still have 2 ounces left of this fibre to spin, so maybe the next attempt will be even better :)


  1. Very cute sweater! I love knitting baby sweaters, they're so quick and easy

  2. Replies
    1. It's all about the yarn, and in this case, the yarn was all from you!

  3. Love your sweater, I love that orange, it rocks it and is so cute.

  4. Baby knitting is awesome - you should see how fast the hats and mitts go! Cute with the contrasting yoke!

  5. Adorable sweater, love the colors.

  6. Your baby sweater is adorable -- love the little buttons!

  7. Such a happy, spring sweater. So neat how you did the different colorway on top. It reminds me of lions and a setting sun all ready for adventure.