February 6, 2012

I'm a Spinning Fool

Seems to me that making a list has helped me somewhat in keeping organized. I finished the sock required for the test knit before the deadline I set for myself, finished the Dr. Who mini-satchel I was working on and did a whole bunch of spinning. I spun 5 skeins of yarn to be exact.

I'm really happy with how the bag turned out. It's a mini-satchel, so I guess more like a purse than anything, but soon it will have a bigger messenger bag to keep it company.

It's bigger on the inside

I did A LOT of spinning so far this month. Part of this is because I was ill, and spent my time at home on the couch with tea and my wheel.

Look at all the pretties!

I guess I wasn't kidding when I said "Spin All The Things!"


  1. Wow, that bag is so pretty, an very professional looking. And yay for spinning all the things!

  2. Gorgeous handspun! I'd be spending hours in the Ravelry database looking for the perfect pattern for each skein!

  3. Great bag and lovely handspun yarn

  4. Oh wow; they are just gorgeous.

  5. LOve the bag and the handspun yarn. You are quite talented.

  6. Good looking bags are hard to make, but you were successful. I am a major bag lover, hoarder, collector--you can never have too many bags. And your yarn? Gorgeous!

  7. Gosh that was a busy week for a poorly person, beautiful results! I hope you feel better soon.