April 4, 2014

Me Made May 2014

The end of semester is quickly approaching, which means lots of deadlines, and hopefully this means I also managed my time well and am not at all stressed out.....Yeah right... Despite the fact that I've been super stressed the past few weeks, I decided to take a course in May/June as well, just to get ahead a little for the fall, and possibly to open up space in my schedule to take some additional electives.

In the spirit of planning ahead, I'm also starting to evaluate my me-made wardrobe so I can participate in this year's Me-Made-May challenge. Zoe of "So, Zo...What Do You Know" has been hosting this challenge for years, and I've always sat on the sidelines and watched with some excuse or another as to why I can't participate. This year, I've run out of excuses and am jumping right on in!

So, here it goes...

I, Andi of how-unseamly.blogspot.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2014, and have the best time ever doing it!

I'm hoping that this challenge will get me back into wearing all the me-made stuff in my closet :)

Are you going to participate this year? Or are you thinking about it?


  1. Oh yes, I'm tempted... Good luck with school, Miss Ambition!

  2. I was thinking about joining, but I don't think my Me made wardrobe is quite there yet. Can't wait to see everyone elses pictures though.