April 3, 2014

First Year Pants Design

Hello all! I'm at home today, wallowing in a pool of my own germs (I hate being sick!), so I figured that now is as good a time as any to share with y'all the pants I designed and made this year.

I wanted to take a different twist on the "sailor pant", and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I just wish I hadn't decided to make all the buttons/buttonholes fuctional. What a giant pain in the ass it was to make 12 buttonholes and hand sew all the corresponding buttons. Ugh!

I wish I had more time to snap pics of these bad boys. I yanked them up too high on the Judy so they look like they're wrinkling funny. Sorry about that!

I also wish that the end of the semester wasn't as hectic as it's turning out to be. I wanted to submit these pants along with the blouse I designed (pics to follow as soon as I finish it) to the year-end fashion show, but we were not told until a couple weeks before the fashion show submission that we should make everything in a teeny tiny size 6, and everything we've made this year is a 10. There's no time to re-draft/sew another pair :(

Oh well, at least I know for next year!

I hope this post makes sense/is slightly coherent...the meds are making me a little loopy lol

Until soon

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  1. Those are really awesome! I love sailor pants and this takes it to a whole new level :)