September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday: September 19, 2012

I seem to have more WIPs than finished stuff these days.... mainly because I get too lazy to weave in ends or block stuff. But this week I'm hoping to remedy that and I'll possibly have something to show off for FO Friday :)

Lately, I've been doing a lot of catch-up for Made to Order items for the shop, but I've been scratching out some time to work on some clothing for the trip to Portugal (which I'll probably have to get FO pics of while I'm there). I've also made some time to work on a scarf for myself, to replace the scarf that I lost last year.

Seriously, perfect colour combo and CASHMERE

This scarf is where the Baana love came from, so naturally, the replacement will be the same pattern. It's a shame though, the yarn was one of a kind, so I won't get to have anything close to the original ever again... Sadsies
Anyhoo, I've picked out some faboosh sparkly yarn for the replacement, the colourway is Sexy (inspired by Doctor Who!) and from the same indie-dyer as the yarn for the original scarf, Nerd Girl Yarns.

I've actually been sitting on this yarn for quite some time, waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be, so I can't wait to be finished! I hope it'll be ready in time to be worn on colder evenings while we're away (even though I'm being told there probably won't be cold enough evenings, a girl can dream I like to be prepared).

Happy Wednesday!
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