September 7, 2012

FO Friday - September 7, 2012

Wow! Things have been crazy busy lately! I've been madly knitting to fill shop orders, and as a result, the sewing I need to do for my upcoming trip to Portugal has fallen by the wayside.

So, what have I been working on? Well, in the past few weeks I've whipped up 9, that's right, 9 hats for the shop!

Check out AndiSocial's Twist to see everything that's available!
 A bunch of Scott Pilgrim hats, a wonderfully geeky (and warm) Jayne hat, and a slew of Fornicating Reindeer hats. Who knew that horny reindeer would be so popular??

I've also recently finished a pair of socks and a couple sweaters for teacup humans, but they still need to have some finishing touches done before pics can be taken of them.

I'm hoping to get in some quality time with my sewing machine tonight, and maybe get at least 1 dress finished (I have 2 currently cut out and waiting for attention). I'm also hoping to have time soon to get some pictures of the stuff I have finished over the summer. I seem to be really bad at getting the photographic proof taken care of.... .:slacker:. Perhaps I'll wear an Andi original to Riot Fest this weekend and get that taken care of.

Have a great weekend, dolls!

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