January 2, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Good riddance to 2011. What a roller coaster of a year! 2012 will be so much better, I'm sure of it.

Mr. Social and I ushered in the year in the classiest way possible. With some pink bubbly.

Apparently we only have 1 champagne glass in the house...

I have big plans for 2012. One of which is I'd like to go back to school. The first thing I did this year was submit my college application. I look forward to the rest of the application process and can't wait to go back!

We're also planning a trip! Looks like we're going to head to Portugal (!!!) in the fall. I've never been there before! I haven't been away in a couple years, so it's nice having something to look forward to.

As far as crafting goes, so far I'm on a roll! I've finished 3 projects already (okay, okay, 2 of them were started in 2011, but they were finished in 2012) and have started several more. I started to learn to crochet. I've even got most of a yarn completed! Here's a look at what I've done so far:

Happy New Year Everyone!

Oh! I almost forgot! Remember the naughty hat I was working on? It's finished and was given to a friend :)


  1. I actually saw the naughty hat on the friend recently, and it's wonderful.

  2. Good luck with the college application process! The hat is very cute!

  3. Bubbly tastes good in shot glasses too ;)

  4. Good luck on your going-back-to-college endeavor. You're so brave.
    Glad you were able to celebrate NYE. A bit of bubbly never hurt anyone.
    Fun hats and LOL..that moose one. Hey, it's Mother Nature right?
    Do post the comments your friend gets while wearing that out!

  5. The hats look great. Good luck with your new crochet. Congrats on your plan for school, and the trip to look forward too.

  6. Happy New Year .. I hope 2012 brings all that you desire. Good luck with the college submission - also with your crochet. Oh, that naughty hat is a hoot !!