March 11, 2014

Planning ahead...Sorta

Winter is finally starting to let up! Well, it is today anyway. It's finally sunny and above freezing, but we're expecting a snow storm tomorrow so, well, yeah. With all the grey skies we've been living with this winter, it's no wonder this super sunny fabric came home with me the other day when I stopped into the local Fabricland for some school supplies...
I wasn't supposed to buy anything other than interfacing... This just jumped into my arms! I swear!
This fabric is super bright and sunny, which is kind of the opposite of how I normally dress, but the brightness of it just makes me so happy! Also, I love that it's basically a print that is meant for children. I can be 10 again, right?

Of course, I'm struggling with what to make with this, as it's a whole lot of yellow. And yellow tends to look pretty crap on me. I do know it wants to be a cute summer dress, but which dress? At first I thought I'd go with my go-to dress, McCalls M6646, but I think I'd have to do something to it to make it less yellow.
I suppose I could add some black detailing to it...
So I'm turning to you, dear readers, for your suggestions as what to do with this lovely stuff. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I won't be sewing this up for the next couple weeks, as I'm still eyeballs deep in homework, but as soon as I'm done with all the school stuff, I'm diving head first into my stash to sew my summer wardrobe. I need to make a shit-ton of skirts and dresses before May 19, as my dear friend Haizle of 365 Days of Sweat, Yarn, and Laughter and I are having a NO PANTS SUMMER! The rules are simple. No pants all summer long. This means I need way more skirts and dresses in my closet than I currently have.

Anyone else want to join in on the No Pants Summer fun?


  1. I think you should keep it yellow. It's nice to have something a lot different in your wardrobe. It will shock people who think they know you. Scream "I'LL ROCK THIS YELLOW DRESS, BEE-YOTCH!!". And you will. You can make that yellow look hot!!

  2. Ribbon around the waist. Blue like Dorothy's dress, ruby red like her slippers, or possibly even emerald green?

  3. Make the bodice in a solid contrast colour. That way the yellow is away from your face and you are not braking up the pattern with the princess seams on the bodice

  4. I love it, the dress and a summer of no pants!!!! I just bought myself a cute little dress from Athleta that's perfect for travel as it doesn't get wrinkled and washes very easy. Cheers to dresses and warmer weather!