November 3, 2009

Step one of new skirt

So, a little while ago, I decided that I need to wear more skirts and/or dresses. I've been stuck in a rut of jeans and beaters/hoodies for years, and it's high time I step out of my "comfort zone".

I'm going to a concert on Friday, and figured it's the perfect opportunity for the wearing of a cute outfit that includes a skirt. My job doesn't allow for a lot of time inthe evenings to get lots of sewing done, but if I can do a little bit a day, I should be ready for Friday.

I'm making McCalls pattern 5429 (the mini) with an actual hem, rather than leaving it frayed as the pattern specifies.

I didn't have a whole lot of time last night, but I managed to get the skirt front completed, icluding fly. I'm making the skirt out of denim (can't stray too far from my comfort zone the first time out :P) and using a red top stitch.

So far so good! Now back to work :)

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